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Little Monster Studio is home to our upcoming show "Toy Mash" featuring Galaxy Girl and Cosmic Girl.

Available here will be updates on future episodes, plans on new shows and channels, tips on creating your own channel and whatever else we think you may find interesting or helpful. Have a look at our latest episodes and please subscribe if you enjoy the content!

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Toy Mash is our first show! This show will be dedicated to toys, comics, movies, tech reviews and un-boxings. We will also throw in some fun facts to keep you entertained.

If you want to purchase a product we just reviewed, please feel free to purchase it through our affiliate links. This is a helpful way to keep our channel going as all proceeds go to producing new videos.

Stay tuned for product give-a-ways too! We are planning our first give-a-way when we hit our first 1000 subs on YouTube. Me thinky you'll likey! So subscribe today.


Building a Brand

Learn from our accomplishments and our mistakes

As a web marketer, I find every project I work on as learning experience. Little Monster Studio is no different.

The idea began with my daughters. They spend many a night watching YouTube videos. They love product reviews, un-boxing, silly games and so forth. Their favorites are Matthias and Dr Squish. For the past year, they have both showed interest in creating a channel of their own. And after weeks of throwing around ideas, Little Monster Toy Mash was born.

I will be keeping a log of everything I do during the process. I will publish a blog of the goings on behind the scenes. What equipment we are using. How we set up our studio. What software we use. This will hopefully help others interested in creating their own channel. This will be a place for us to share ideas and hopefully grow as a brand.

Check back often for updates on the website and our new videos!

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